The fact that Pakistan is a country rich in educational talent is proved once again by the outstanding achievement of Moosa Feroze Tarer, from Mandi Bahauddin in Pakistan. He secured 1st position in an online World Mathematics Competition held in Australia. It is worth mentioning that he was in competition with no less than 1.4 million participants from across the world. He secured 4,405 points in total whereas the second position in the 11-13 years age category was also secured by a Pakistani student Hasnain with 4,303 points. In the 14-18 years age category as well, Pakistan managed to snatch the 2nd position as a Pakistani student named Osama secured 3318 points.
The 13 year old boy, now referred as Math Wizard, has been awarded a gold medal in Australia and appointed the Math Ambassador for the country. Moosa said that he had been trying to win the competition since 2009 and also clinched the 5th spot in 2011. He was also awarded bronze and silver medal in Kangaroo International Competition.

Moosa is not the first in line to have brought this kind of pride for Pakistan. Arfa Abdul Karim Randhawa was a Pakistani student who became the World’s youngest MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) at the age of 9 in 2004. Her visit to Microsoft Headquarters in 2005 at the invitation of Bill Gates gave her tremendous popularity worldwide. She unfortunately passed away at a tender age of 16 in 2012.

The point to note is these people made these remarkable achievements in spite of the lack of availability of resources. Students from Pakistan are outshining in all major scientific fields even though they face severe financial and training constraints.

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